Hot-Fill, Retort and Autoclave Closures

Many of the techniques Stress Engineering Services has developed for analyzing pressurized closures serve as the foundation for predictive evaluation of hot-fill, retort and autoclavable closures. The primary differences are the incorporation of temperature-dependant material properties to accurately simulate the effect of rapid thermal transients to which these types of packages are subjected.

Driven by improvements in PET bottles, closure manufacturers are continuously improving hot-fill closure systems. We support manufacturers by developing predictive methods for evaluating seal integrity as a function of the hot-fill process.

Our predictive technologies include key process parameters such as pre-filling sterilization, transient conditions during filling, and post-filling cooling. Removal torque and seal integrity can be predicted, and this information can then be used as a diagnostic tool to predict finish/cap geometry interaction, dimensional variability, frictional effects, thermally-induced variation in material properties, and application torque variability. Coupled with our full-service laboratory, we can help you develop better hot-fill closures.