Outdoor Composites and Polymers

Composites and Polymers for Outdoor Products

No matter what segment of the outdoor market you participate in the use of composites and polymers are significant drivers offering strength and weight advantages to the hunter and outdoor enthusiast and cost advantages to the manufacturer. The Stress Outdoor™ staff of polymer scientists and engineers help clients develop new proprietary composites and polymer formulations, develop application specific test methodologies and assess competitiveness relative to other products in the market segment.

Composite Limb Defect Detection

It would be ideal to discover any defects or weaknesses in a composite limb before a bow is sold to the customer. Finding defects and damage in a composite is limited unless non-destructive Acoustic Emission (AE) techniques are used. Stress Outdoor has used AE for proof testing of a variety of structures, including composite limbs to detect active failure mechanisms and internal component damage such as matrix crazing, delamination, fiber pullout, and fiber breakage.


Engineering Services for Outdoor Product Manufacturers



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